Outdoor/indoor sunlight readable LCD

Weather proof monitor for digital signage



Outdoor/indoor digital signage LCD

Custom fabricated monitor for digital signage



Outdoor/indoor videowall LCD

Easily maintained monitor with
patented front opening technology



Outdoor/indoor interactive touch LCD

HID driver monitor interface with Linux and Window OS



Waterproof industrial LCD

Aluminum housed monitor protects from salt erosion



Security BNC 12VDC LCD

Low-voltage CCTV monitor with composite inputs


Waterproof liquid crystal display engineering since 2004

Who We Are

Contract manufacturer

A contract manufacturer specialized in outdoor, sunlight readable, waterproof, custom LCD/LED monitors including system CMS and multi-screen control software.

LCD fabricator – Polar Vortex

A customized LCD fabricator solutions include a water resistant housing, durable control boards, sunlight readable brightness, tempered glass as well as a temperature controlled air circulated systems.

Holistic LCD designer

Nanov holistic LCD monitor design is an approach that emphasizes the functional relationship between various LCD components and the functionality as a whole including aesthetics, layout of spaces, ventilation, environment and maintenance.  User friendly, user centred design.

Company Profile

Nanov Display is a contract manufacturer specialized in exterior and interior LCD monitors. The company produces robust, digital LCD monitors for the outdoors, withstanding a myriad of environmental challenges: Nanov’s IP65 sealed marine monitors have endured testing for salt-water erosion in the oceans of Miami, Florida; in Toronto, Ontario, Nanov’s weatherproof digital signage monitors have overcome difficulties brought on by severe cold and extreme weather conditions; Nanov Display has tested its cross-track digital displays in train stations in Edmonton, Alberta, where they have proven to be dustproof and withstood challenges posed by the frequency of train vibrations; and furthermore, Nanov outdoor monitors have excelled in hotter, sunnier climates like Maui, Hawaii, where they are sunlight readable.  In addition, the company has installed commercial exterior PCT touch screens in Ottawa, Ontario, as well as 72 units of Super-narrow Bezel 55” multi-screens at the Yonge and Eglinton shopping center, including wayfinding kiosks featuring P-CAP digital monitors.

The company is able to provide holistic LCD solutions, with a variety of design and material options. Nanov, Inc. is a technology oriented LCD maker which can customize displays to fit the customer’s design and needs––features range from IP68 waterproof noiseless fans, heaters, commercial touch screens, embedded computers, anti-reflective toughened glass, and AD boards that differ from other electronic companies. In addition, NANOV holistic solutions provide special components to fit exterior use, performing with maintenance ready design, using window based software, and for indoor application, can come with an auto brightness control.  The company integrates its own auto-ambience internal monitor and offers a temperature control module, as well as a remote hardware maintenance module. Nanov also installs HD quality multi-screen displays in video-wall cabinets through a patented display design.

The company’s headquarters are located in Miami, Florida. Nanov Display, Inc has been incorporated in the state of Florida since 2000. Its authorized service centers are located in Toronto, Ontario; South Hackensack, New Jersey; Vancouver, British Columbia; and Montreal, Quebec.


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