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75″  2500cd, Digital signage monitor, embedded computer, portrait

4×6 Ft. Exterior Fully-Sealed Digital Sign, In-Sign Module

Model #: NMRS-750PC

  • Exterior 8 Ft. Fully-Sealed Digital Sign
  • Bus Shelter Sign – Ad Sign, Totem Sign, Monument Sign
  • Outdoor 75″ 2500cd Networking Technology Display
  • Resolution: 1080 x 1980, 4K Available, Portrait
  • Embedded i-7 Processor, Space for Analytical Camera
  • Remote Hardware Maintenance via Ethernet
  • Data via LTE Modem and / or Ethernet
  • Anti-vandal, Weather Proof, HVAC System
  • Slim Compact Design: 1114.70 mm x 1735 mm x 122.30 mm
  • Powder coated surface treatment

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