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70″ Outdoor Marine Monitor

Model #: NGLT700WP-T

  • Indoor IP65, fully sealed, no vents, industrial LCD
  • Auto internal monitor temperature control by filterless thermo electronic control module
  • Built-in remote health monitoring module
  • Operating temperature : -20ºC ~ 50ºC
  • Brightness : 1000cd
  • Vandal proof, tempered glass
  • Resolution: Full HD 1920 x 1080
  • Inputs : DVI-D, HDMI, VGA, RCA
  • Aluminum Housing, Powder Coated Steel Structure
  • Sealed connectors to withstand dust and moisture
  • VESA mount holes, optional wall mount, ceiling mount, floor stand, and pole mount kit
  • Optional in-housing space for an embedded player and router
  • Compliant with American Disability Act and AODA
Name Description
Certification FCC
Overall Physical Dimension 1755 mm (W) * 1053 mm (H) * 135 mm (D)
Overall Screen Dimensions 1652 mm (W) * 903 mm (H)
Meantime between failure 50,000 hours
Resolution (minimum 720p) 1920 x 1080
Maximum power per Unit 1200W
Average Power per Unit 800W
Input / Outputs PC Input via 15-Pin Sub “D” 1, HDMI, DVI-D, RS-232C, RCA
OSD (English Default) Yes
Color Capability 1.07 Billion (10-bit)
Dimming 50 ~ 100%
Volume (Integrated Speakers) No
Color Temperature Warm / Medium / Cool
Run time  20 x 7
Burn timing (one image) 30 minutes
Refresh Rate  60 Hz
Ventilation Yes (Inflow & Exhaust Fan & Heater & A/C)
Calibrated Intensity 2500 cd / m2
Warranty Length 3 years warranty
Viewing Angles 178º / 178º
Operation Temperature -40ºC ~ 50ºC
Glass Tempered Glass
Anti Reflection Glass
Anti-Vandal Glass
Ambient Control Technologies Auto Cooling System
Auto Heating System
Auto Brightness Control (50~100%)
Auto Power Control (FAN, LCD)
Auto Speed Control FAN (0~100%)
Housing Aluminum and Powder Coated Steel

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